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Ponds, Lakes and Water Control

We have the experience and expertise to construct lakes and ponds for commercial and residential use.

More and more property owners today are wanting fishing ponds or fishing lakes added to their property. Fishing pond construction is more complicated than the construction of a simple stock tank or farm pond. Your local bulldozer operator might get a farm pond right the first time. Might is a big gamble. If he doesn't get it right, if the farm pond leaks, if the banks are too steep, if the pond does not fill up correctly; you are left with an eyesore which must be drained and reconstructed. Ranch and farm lakes also provide a ready reservoir of valuable water in these uncertain times.

The proposition of redoing an improperly constructed farm pond or fishing lake is always more expensive than the initial pond construction. Experience and knowledge count in this business.

Understanding watershed is critical to constructing effective ditches and gullies.  We understand how to prevent flooding through creating surface level waterways.